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Crap. I know I commented on this, like how awemsoe the shirt was and how Great a Job Joe did on it. I am now sure I will never be SOTW unless I somehow can become really really much more awemsoer than I am. Unless I pull Pr. Anna out of a burning plane, I will just have to be happy as I am.My only quibble on the shirt is that it looks like an upscale Casino/Resort Logo more than a school's. Although, that might be how we could definately make up any funding issues for the coming years, as well as offering new majors in Hotel Managment, Casino Hosting, and Card Counting for fun and Profit. I plan on signing up for all of those.

Posted by'Rosita' on Saturday, 12.21.13 @ 09:54am

I just watched your iiitsrapnonal video that a friend sent me and I am very inspired I just started juicing a couple a weeks ago, but want to do a lot more for weight loss and health reasons My biggest fear is the cravings and how to get pass them if there are any helpful suggestions in this area, I sure would appreciate the extra encouragement It must have been meant by God for me to see this video at this time, because the timing is excellent. Thank you and may this be my new way of living.

Posted by'Emmanuel' on Monday, 12.16.13 @ 09:10am

Just deleted over 1,000 cmoments and we'll see what happens on the other side of the Kismet service. I wanted to make a comment about a corn snake I found while cleaning out some garden plants before but by the time I got a hold of my camera, the corn snake had sneaked off. Hope to find the corn snake soon and have short video on how big he/she will get over the period it takes me to find it again.

Posted by'Virma' on Monday, 12.16.13 @ 03:04am

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