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I ordered one from Amazon for about 50 bucks after waithcng a documentary by a very handsome Aussie guy love the accent from down under! My big mouth HB juicer is is black where your plastic is white, but I believe it is still the same machine. I've never juiced before, so today I came here for inspiration. I'm going to juice some grapes and maybe some tangerines later. Thank you for sharing this video so I would know in advance what to expect.

Posted by'Gurunath' on Thursday, 12.19.13 @ 11:18am

Hi Dave,I just finished waithcng your video on a raw food email that I get and I am so excited about you and your accomplishements that I will be sharing all of this with all my friends and family.My daughter in law was diagnosed with bladder cancer and she cure it with Juicing. You are a motivation to do better in my lifestyle.I do juice and do green smoothies. I have been eating Mila, a raw whole food, a miracle seed for three years and have never felt better. Food is medicine.Thank you for teaching, training, educating all of us.Pam Hart

Posted by'UJeekxd' on Monday, 12.16.13 @ 08:44am

This really tecohud me. It's sad when people stereotype us because of the color of our skin. We weren't raised to know a persons color. We are all equal if you ask me. Being from the south is a constant reminder of what color you are. This excerpt is amazing!

Posted by'Alejandro' on Monday, 12.16.13 @ 03:05am

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